Moon ~ Drumworkshop

Goddess Conference 2018 in Glastonbury. On the Fringe Moon ~ Drumworkshop, Monday 30 July 10.00-17.00.
I like to invite you to this workshop suitable for women who like to be introduced to the path that brought framedrumming from the ancient rhythm traditions from the Mediterranean World. The framedrum is an ancient, ritual music instrument and mainly played by women with bare hands to honour the goddess, the earth and the rhythms of the year. She is symbolic for the moon, the feminine, for fertility and water. Like the moon reflects the light of the sun, the framedrum in our hands reflects our heart and our power. When we play the drum we sound through her, in listening to her she tells us. Every intention and every feeling continue to resonate in the drum.
We learn to play four different basic drum-strokes and simple rhythms. To really feel the power and the beauty of framedrumming we interweave drumming and walking. Step by step we realize this in the workshop. In playing one and the same rhythm during a long time, mind and body become one. Finally we will sing, drum and dance in a circle together and explore a kind of magic. Drums are available. If you have a drum yourself, please take her with you.