The Feminine Path of the Framedrum

Drumming together is a source of pleasure, healing and connection

The frame drum has traditionally been an instrument for prayer, transformation and ceremony. She is the symbol of the original spirituality and connected to mother earth, the cosmos and the cycles of life. The drum is round and shaped like a grain sieve. Both share the same origin and symbolize the grain, fertility, the moon and water.

We turn to our drum for relaxation and healing, for stories and songs, for celebrations, rituals and ceremonies. We turn to our drum to raise the energy, to drum and dance together and get into trance. We turn to our drum for pleasure and for beauty.

With the frame drum you have a versatile instrument in your hands. In playing her she is your other heart, a mirror to your soul. Intertwined with your mind, you sound through her, in listening she tells you. She creates stillness and space for introspection.

Are you attracted to the frame drum and do you want to learn how to play it? You are welcome regardless of age or musical experience!

Drumming brings joy, harmonizes and gives vitality