Soul Drumming

Source of inspiration and intuïtion

The drum was the most famous ritual musical instrument of the goddess cultures of the Mediterranean World. After centuries of absence, it returned to our consciousness twenty-five years ago. And while the history of the frame drum is linear, the drum itself symbolizes cyclic life and its music is timeless. Music continually is created over and over again.

The drum embodies the pulse of life and the deepest voice in you

When you play it, the sounds flow into your heart and body and the surrounding space. The back of the drum is your domain as a drummer. This is where the drum creates the best sounds. Your playing comes to live as you touch the skin of the drum and you share your inner feelings to the outside world.

Everything that is in you radiates through your hands. If you listen you'll carefully play even better. Then giving and receiving sound is like dancing and you become one with your drum.  It is a vessel in which all your drumming experience gathers and connects to your soul.


Crete 3 (1)

The eternal feminine

The Feminine Path of the Framedrum is about the framedrum and its origin, its connection to the goddess- the feminine principe of creation, tRhythm is the structured force of life. We are rhythm and we are subject to rhythm. Think of the seasons, the moon, the ryhthm of day and night, work and rest, the rhythm of our breathing and heartbeat and the cycles in our body and our mood.

On this path we delve into the forces that work in nature and that are reflected in our inner world. The meetings have a ritual character and are attuned to the rhythm of the year; from darkening to stillness, from awakening, to growth, flowering, abundance, to harvesting and releasing again.

You learn Framedrumming 'by heart'

Drumming is an ancient technology and unparalleled in its power. You learn to drum by heart. The rhythms are spoken before playing them. After this we let drumming be accompanied by the walkbeat and finally we weave rhtyhm, voice, movement and dance together.

You can feel embedded and connected when you are part of a drumcircle, in which the vibrations mix, the drums sing and the rhythm gets more power. In this we explore the effect of rhythmic drumming on our mind, soul and body. After the very last beat we turn inward for introspection.

Isabella Verbruggen Framedrums

Framedrums, their timbre and resonances

The frame drums we play differ in size and timbre. We prefer to drum on the Tar, a tunable frame drum with a real skin, because of its timbre and resonance. Of cours you can also learn to play on a frame drum with a plastic 'skin' with jingles or brass jingles.

This rhythm game has an invigorating effect with its clear sounds. Rhythm sessions in which both drums sound are therefore popular. You will receive advice when purchasing a frame drum.